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Ice Stopper Bobber


Keep the Line moving

 Another great product that compliments the Sullivan Tip Down line is the Ice Stopper Bobber
These great little inventions eliminate the need for thermal hole covers, heated box's, hand over hand retrieval and put the fight of the fish back on a fishing rod where it belongs no more wet knees and frozen hands just kick the hole break the ice enough to get your fish out while your re


Non Toxic Solution

The non toxic solution wont hurt lakes 


How to use them

 The way the ice stopper bobber works is this you pull the top and bottom half apart , feed your line through the top then you feed it through a small bushing (look for photo below ) at that point you feed your line through the bottom of the bobber then you leave those apart until you have tied your jig or lure on. The last step is to fill the bottom of the bobber with solution right when you're ready to fish . Don't worry if your bobber freezes into the ice a little  you can just step into the hole when you have a fish online and everything will be opened enough to get your fish out. This should keep your line moving all day like in my videos .