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Ice Fishing Tip Downs for everyone

Automatic Jigging Tip Downs


Strong and sensitive

The Patented Two Speed Automatic Jigging Tip Down features The sensitivity of the most Balanced Tip Down and the ability to adjust the stroke with a lever. The Motor has to speeds, These catch everything and with the ability to adjust from the slightest tap to  a full 12" stroke or longer depending on rod length and that is how to attract pike from a distance with live or dead bait This fishing jigger is the best of the jiggers 



The constant action is deadly for walleye about a 6" stroke 1'-2' from the bottom and a jig head with a minnow or a minnow head and you will be putting the fish on the topside of the ice or in the boat if you buy our our rod holder adapter that fits the Ram type mount 



Short  Strokes for Crappies with plastics or live minnows. 

Our friends from the Ice Junkies on Larry Smith Outdoors

The Tip Drops wanted to be on TV that day and performed well 

Eagle Lake Pike

My friend Bill LaBeau and Chris Swanson teaching a youngster how to reel in a nice pike 



My favorite method for perch is the timed tap on the slow setting with the minimum stroke to get the bait thieves on top of the ice or in the boat. Yes these work for perch all summer long with the boat mount option.  



Flash a shiner in the upper water column with the biggest stroke on fast speed and get ready for a fight on a short rod you wont soon forget. These fish were all caught in the same area as 9 tip ups these two powered Jigging Tip Downs caught all these Pike while the tip ups caught only a few. 


Find your technique

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