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Tom and Scott with a wall hanger Pike using the Team Green Tip Drop with the extension for big fish

       Sullivan Tip Down LLC Quality USA made products by Fisherman in Eau Claire , Wisconsin  EST. 2012

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Back On Track

My Goal is to have everyone their stuff by the next weekend so anything I receive by Tuesday of the week has a good Chance of making it to you by Friday If you are outside of SpeeDee's delivery zone Monday is better if as the postal service is 3 day Priority and Monday orders ship on Tuesday.To my potential customers in Canada shipping will be at least $50 extra and I can give you the total if you send me a list of what you want in an email to james@sullivantipdown.com

Customer Tips

Aaron Pierce


   I use a regular open faced reel with 2-4# pound line and usually a  tungsten jig or a small spoon. If there's a slight wind I will put out  as much flag that's allowed, I the heavy wind days I will pull it back  in. I set with the wind on heavy days and cross wind for action on light  wind days. Always play the wind for jigging applications. 

Dan Mikolajczak


  For  Crappie, Perch, White Bass, Bluegill and Walleye I Start with a 26"  ultra-light Fenwick Night Hawk rod with a Pflueger reel that has 4lb  mono ice line on it. To start the rig set up I put a slip bobber knot on  the line that can be slid up and down that  i use as my depth marker. I've been using 1/12 oz. cast masters and or  Swedish pimples tipped with a rose red minnow behind the dorsal fin or  only the head. Depending on how aggressive the fish are. I will also tip  them with spikes or waxies. I put a small split shot sinker 9" above  the spoon. I use my locator to set the spoon 9" off the structure I'm  fishing. I put the slip bobber knot at the tip of the rod so after I  catch a fish I just drop the line back down to the knot and have my lure  at the exact same depth. Once the rod is ready to set in my STD I  loosen the drag so when I get a hit the rod goes down the flag goes up  and the fish can take line. To set the hook I pull some line out and  remove the rod from the STD. I then tighten the drag reel up any slack  and set the hook. Reel up the fish and repeat often (hopefully). 

Jesse Aker

 For crappie and perch, I prefer using a 24" light action rod, spooled with 4lb mono. I use a size 1

   For  crappie and perch, I prefer using a 24" light action rod, spooled with  4lb mono.  I use a size 16 treble hook with small fathead minnows hooked  just through the skin in front or underneath the dorsal fin. I also  place a bb size split shot about 5 or 6"  above the treble hook.  If it is really cold out, and the holes are  freezing fast, I put a ice stopper bobber on the line as well. The  bobber will freeze to the hole, but the solution inside the bobber will  allow your line to move up and down freely.  I use rubber bobber stops  on all of my tip drop rods. When I find the depth I want to fish, I  slide the bobber stop so it sits at the water level.  This way I can  consistantly bring my bait to the same depth fish after fish.  If I am  using a ice stopper bobber, I place the bobber stopper in between the  reel and the first eyelet, so it does not hit the ice stopper bobber.  For perch, I put my minnow about 12" off the bottom.  For crappie, I  will do 12" off the bottom all the way up to just under the ice. Put  your bait at different depths so you can figure out where in the water  column the fish are. 

More customer tips

Wesley Nelson


  Lake  trout and pike I use a 40" custom Thorne Brothers rod with a akuma  avenger baitfeeder reel. 15lb braid with a 5ft 20lb floro leader. Lakers  just off the bottom pike usually about 5ft up depending depth of the  water. I set the baitfeeder drag just enough  to give it some tension to pull the rod down the slot of the std. Then  have reel drag set kinda heavy for a good hook set on the lakers then  dial it down from there to let it wear itself out. Don't forget to hit  the go pro button once not twice messed up what would have been a great  video for the fish in the pic. 

Best way to catch Moby Dicks Mom


Great tips coming soon 

Marco Knows


Marco Lalicata Chases perch around the Madison area and loves the Tip Drops for them 

New Color is Blue



Chasing 40 Plus pike



Targeting pike with the Tip Drop is the best way to fish with dead bait the flag causes the the bait to move with the wind and the pike hammer the bait.  

Great customers having fun


This video will be up soon on 330Maniac youtube channel 

Big pike No Problem

Sullivan Tip Drops Catch all fish big and small the constant movement gets fish

The wind moves the flag, the bait gets action and that is what makes the Sullivan Tip Drop the most versatile fishing tool out there 

Proud as can be


Mission accomplished 

Absolute beast of a fish 

Ready for the wall


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Team Green STD's 2018-2019 on Facebook for more helpful hints  replace any color in the title to join a group on Facebook 

About Us

How it started


  In 2009 I came up with an Idea after buying some Chinese junk that didn't do it's job jigging my line, so I busted it took the motor out of it and built a prototype out of a 2X4 and some plastic 90 degree angle from work the first fish I caught was a bass man I just watched it jumping around on the ice , It was a different deal then with a rubber band actually fighting the fish. We laughed as it fought the fish and the idea had to go forward from there.I received my first patent in 2012    on the Powered Jigging Tip Down. Since then I have made improvements every year to this years model with the hole light and signal flag lights 

The Tip Drop


After the Powered one was in it's first production people wanted a Tip Down that could use a standard spinning reel, so this is how these got started there were a few items out there but they have a lot of issues with rod security so my first Tip drop featured too much rod security you had to twist and lift and some people didn't like the this. The Fulcrum slot was an awesome feature so I went back to the drawing board and came up with the upside down question mark  ¿ this has been very popular the ease of use and the rod security are unmatched. The fun colors have created teams on Facebook these are informative but humorous and are run by customers and Team Green was started by my friend John Lemmer and the rest is history as they say 

Customers Turned Promotional Friends


My Promotional friends is a group of paying customers that have voluntarily promoted my products , ran Facebook Groups for the Color Teams and otherwise just been great friends to the Sullivan Tip Down Line of products.Here is a list of people that have helped me and have become my Promotional Friends. John Lemmer, Bob Travis, Rick Chaney, Paul Killion, Bill LaBeau, Ken Nelson,Aaron Matthew Allie Palchik, Conner Sullivan,Jim Bacon, David Scheidler, Scott Mackner, Andy Marcinak,Josh Kurowicki,Steve Brauch, Brandon Marshall, John Matejovsky,Tom Van Epps, Sam Gillich, James Hughes,Bobby Kazubowski , Jesse Aker, Chad Meyer,Tracy Edmunds are all people that can help you learn more about my Tip Downs. They all know the Ice Fishing Tip Downs and how they work 

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About Us

This years excitement is all about the lights


   Red  is the new Color and it has a lot of excitement around it and the lights,  We will be doing the St Paul Ice Fishing Show we have a new spot  next to 13 Fishing in the center. We will also be at the Ice Institute  Show and the Duluth show unfortunately they cancelled my favorite show  in Milwaukee so you will have to buy online or bug your local bait shop  to buy some Sullivan Tip Downs   It has been one really exciting year  with the Color teams forming  on Facebook and all the banter back and  forth and all the buzz about the STD's. I am excited to announce the  light kits are available I'm confident these will be a huge seller one will light your flags  up and the other will blink every down stroke on the two speed powered unit

     Remember to enter our weekly Face Book customer giveaway(Make your Monday Not suck ) by submitting photo's to the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Sullivantipdowns

It's  Tip Down season and at Sullivan Tip Downs we take pride in making  quality  products in the USA.. I have seen way too many great ideas fail  due to poor quality and this is why we make it ourselves in Eau Claire ,  WI. The Sullivan Tip Down was awarded another US Patent in 2014 So now  the Sullivan Tip Drop and The Sullivan Tip Down are both Patented . I  also carry a full line of Shirts and Hoodies that are very humorous.  Along with Beanies and Baseball caps.

Take  a look around our website and our store I hope you like what you see.  You can't find Sullivan Tip Down products in a lot of stores yet we are a  Any input you have on my products  you can send to  me I have  heard some really ingenious ideas that I would love to see.   

contact james@sullivantipdown.com with any questions.

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Get on a team All the colors have a team on Facebook where everyone brags about their great catches. There are some STD jokes and humor on the Team pages also. Look for Team Green STD's , Team Red STD's , Team Orange STD's , Team Purple STD's and Team Pink STD's 

Quality American Made Fishing products


We make and use our products and our customers will show you all of their great catches.Please Like Sullivan Tip Down on Facebook to see all the great Customer Photo's 

Sullivan Tip Down invention Video

This was one of the first working Prototypes and how it all started. We take pride in making our products in the same garage to this day. I would rather be small and have a quality product than huge and selling junk. 

The Optional Lights

Here is how lights work for the Sullivan Tip Drops and Sullivan Tip Downs 


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