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Ice Fishing Tip Downs for everyone

Tip Drops Rock

Customer Drawings


 I have a different approach to Pro Staff I rely on my customers for photo's and sharing and in return I have a weekly Customer Drawing I give away a Tip Drop or a whatever I feel like giving away. I call it my make your Monday Not Suck Drawing. Sometimes it ends up on Tuesday if my orders are too much for me on Monday 

Go Big or Go Home


North Dakota Pike on Tip Drops These Ice Fishing Rod Holders have the security that a Normal Tip Down doesn't have so you can Target the biggest fish with no worries 

See these things in action on Pike With 330maniac

Unmatched Sensitity


Our Tip Drops are so Sensitive when the Minnow dies they actually shed a tear 

Walleyes on Tip Drops

How to catch those walleye on the Sullivan Tip Drops 

Last Chance Pike Devils Lake2017

Another great video from Scott Mackner and his crew 

Sullivan Tip Drops, More fun than Tip Ups Use Ice Fishing Rod Holders

Check out this great video by 330MaNiaC